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Enjoy in the comfort of your home, the same great taste of frozen coffee drinks or fruit smoothies that you've grown to love at your favorite Specialty Coffee Bar Frappe Freeze Coffee-base blends are formulated with high-mountain grown Arabica coffee, premium Dutch-processed cocoa from Holland and the incomparable natural flavorings from Caffe D"Amore. Just a scoop of our miraculous Smoothie Mix added to your favorite fruit juice results in a delicious smoothie without having to add costly frozen yogurt or ice cream. The absence of dairy product allows the natural sweetness and flavor of the fruit to come through and merge deliciously with the velvet texture of our vanilla-based, non-dairy creamer.

Caffe D'Amore

Caffe d'Amore Frappe Freeze Coffee Free Vanilla Freeze 3 lb bag

Ice Blended Drinks
Vanilla Freeze

From the creators of the world’s first frozen coffee beverage, our selection of mouth-watering Frappe Freeze® flavors lets you enjoy the same ice-blended drink experience at home.

Our Vanilla mix is a popular favorite and a great neutral flavor you can enhance with your own special additions. Add fruit or fruit juice, coffee or mocha, or anything you desire. Simply delicious! 

Vanilla Freeze DrinksBlended-Ice Mochas and Lattes are simple to make with Frappe Freeze gourmet mixes. You'll enjoy the satisfying rich body and creamy sweetness that comes from our special, easy to use powder blends. Simply add ice, juice, fruit, coffee - anything you desire to create your own signature frappes and smoothies.

Net Weight 3 lbs


Caffe D'Amore

Frappe Freeze Green Tea Smoothie 3 lb bag

Ice Blended Drinks
Green Tea Smoothie

Introducing our Frappe Freeze® Green Tea Smoothie with Matcha. A light and refreshing Green Tea paired with our rich creamy vanilla.

What is Matcha? It is a Green Tea highly valued for its rich supply of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Grown in the shade, the leaves are harvested, dried and ground into a powder. This process provides the healthy benefits in their natural form.

Green Tea Smoothie

Caffe D'Amore's Green Tea Smoothie.  A rich creamy vanilla paired with real green tea.  A cool way to soothe your senses. A refreshing line of Asian inspired exotic antioxidant rich tea smoothies.  Transport your palate with these creamy and flavorful beverages.

3 lb bag